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With winter months officially here and 15" of snow outside I'm looking for ways to cozy up our homes. Maybe it's because I've just finished watching all episodes of "The Queen's Gambit" and "The Crown", or maybe it's because I'm enthusiastically following @jerseyicecreamco on IG , either way, wallpaper is all around me and my head is full with inspiring images of inviting rooms boosting creativity.

Adding wallpaper to your décor is tricky because the outcome can be easily associated with adjectives like outdated and rancid. On the other hand, it can make you long for the warmth and coziness of your gramma's house.

How do you achieve that delicate balance? Like with everything else in life: KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Remember that adding wallpaper is a bold enough statement, so everything around it should not compete, but rather complete and complement. Let the wallpaper work its charm.

bedroom with wall paper
newly renovated bedroom with an old charm // Remodelista

Above is the main bedroom in a Neo-Victorian row house in London that received a new guise by the owner and designer Mark Lewis. Robert Kime wallpaper in Karabak Sand pattern gives the room a familiar feeling as if it was always there to keep.

Tara Mangini and Percy Bright from Jersey Ice Cream Co. always know how to skillfully combine different materials, patterns and textures to create the coziest atmosphere. The above image depicts one of the bedrooms in Minwawa: an old Jenny Lind bed with bedlinens in neutral shades and a small side table for a nightstand complement patterned wallpaper. Notice the lamp shade pattern! If you can't get enough of this room, click here and here for more photos.

Above is a moody living room with Havana wallpaper by Bradbury & Bradbury. An art deco design with palm motif and golden tones, inspired by 1920 jazz clubs. I can almost hear that music playing in the background.

A flowery wallpaper in Harsyra pattern from the Arboretum collection by Sandberg wallpaper. Furniture, art work and ornaments are kept to minimum so you can fully enjoy the beautiful wallpaper.

The image above is the perfect example for opposites attract. Bright leafy wallpaper for the living room in contrast to the dark woodsy wallpaper for the bedroom. Modern and minimal furniture in style and quantity contradicts the traditional room features and wallpaper pattern. No need to add anything, this is perfection that invites you to sit and absorb it.

If covering the entire wall feels too extreme there are more subtle options like this Aralia pattern, also from the Arboretum collection of Sandberg wallpaper.

Not a big fan of floral patterns? You can try a geometric one like this ilse green wallpaper.

Do you love wallpaper but too nervous to commit? check out Primer, a free app that allows you to preview different wallpapers from the following selected brands: Hygge & west, Samantha Santana and CW Stockwell (as well as Farrow & Ball paint and C Tile).

Wallpaper aside, the more important issue is what should I watch next on TV? Please help me fill up the void.


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