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Surprise, it's that time of the year again!

Hanukkah is nearly here, again, with its endless spelling variations, deep-fried dough, colorful candles, and abundance of gifts for the kids.

With winter creeping in and the nights getting colder and longer, here's a nice collection of beautiful Menorahs to brighten up the holiday's 8 nights, and hopefully the days to come.

I love this contemporary and playful Logifaces Menorah, although according to the Halacha this one is not Kosher at all (Can there be a Jewish holiday without restricting rules? The answer is NO), but let's ignore this fact for now and simply enjoy the design. Available in Supercolor or Basalt.

This steel Chanukiah is an industrial reinterpretation of the classic Menorah form, and comes in different colors. I love the continuity of the lines and its monochrome presentation, because I have a weak spot for everything that's monochrome. You can of course choose a different color for your candles to make it "not-boring" (quoting my girls).

If you're looking for a Menorah that also has a storage compartment for all 44 candles, this modern version (from Via Maris as well) is the answer. It's made of heavy cast aluminum, and weighs 4 pounds!

This Ceramic Menorah is handmade in Camden, Maine under the watchful eye of Ariela Nomi Kuh, and is also available in a darker glaze.

Made of solid white Carrara marble, this elegant menorah celebrates Judaism with abstract and minimalist features.

An oversized marble menorah that is versatile and can also be used for any other special occasion in different configurations. How great is that?! Handcrafted in Puebla, Mexico, and comes with oversized white candles.

Unlike traditional Menorahs, in this very unique Alon Seifert Menorah you can place all 44 candles in on the first day and light each row according to the day of Hanukkah.

Last but not least, is another modular handmade Menorah by Naama Yacoby, an Israeli ceramist and mosaic artist based closed to me in Greater Boston area. The design is simple and raw, each square is slightly different than the others. Just like the other modular menorahs, you can arrange the separate units whichever way you would like, and even use them after Hanukkah as candles holders. Available in different colors as well.

Happy Hanukkah! May you feel the warmth of the light (and design) all through the year!


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