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Hi! I'm Elinor,

and since I can remember myself I’ve dreamed of becoming an Architect. As a child my favorite activity was designing, building and furnishing Lego houses. I imagined how I would transform my 870sqft childhood apartment into a dream house and improve my family’s daily life.

​I was fortunate enough to realize my dream and receive my B.Arch degree from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. Among some of the offices I have worked at are YK Architects, designing residential and upscale clinics from top to bottom, including custom made furniture, and Yashar Architects where I took part in the very complex process of high rise buildings planning.

My life as a professional architect involved designing luxury residentials and commercials, but my personal life as an adult was spent mostly as a serial renter of old and somewhat run-down apartments.

This bold contrast between my professional and personal lives felt like living in a twilight zone where design meets reality, but it also helped me develop design tools to fit even the most minimal budget.

It also clarified my understanding that if the design world were more affordable and approachable, things could have looked different.

Design is not a luxury, though it's perceived as such. It is a significant component that affects our daily lives, and we all deserve to love our homes whether it’s a tiny rental or a private house, and it’s doable, even with a limited budget.


I'm now using my professional and personal experience making design more approachable, and I’m happy to offer affordable and reliable interior design services, in-person & online.


Oh! And I also write a blog about it. Give it a look, will you?

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