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LOW & HIGH FRI: windsor chair

This Friday is about the Windsor Chair. Originated around 1710 in the English town of Windsor, the Windsor Chair has a signature form of a slightly reclined back, consisted of multiple thin spindles attached to a solid sculpted seat, and straight legs that splay outward. Since then its form has been perfected, transformed and modernized and you can now find it in a variety of styles.


Straight Nakashima chair from Design Within Reach costs a whopping $908, but look how beautiful it is! Introduced in 1946, the Straight Chair is George Nakashima’s modernist interpretation of the traditional Windsor chair. Featuring low-sheen finishes that amplify the natural grain patterns, the Straight Chair epitomizes Nakashima’s sensitivity to nature and his legendary craftsmanship (Knoll)

Rejuvenation's Weatherby side chair costs $519 and is available in 2 shades: black and iron ash. Like everything Rejuvenation, it's beautifully made and looks like the real, original deal. But the price, ugh, the price...

Paton Black Oak Windsor Dining Chair from Crate & Barrel costs $299. Its time-honored classic features were updated and refreshed into this modern black version. The chair is made of wire-brushed oak that brings out its grain texture.


Salt chair from Design Within Reach costs $175 and offers a compact and light version that fits into tight spaces. Available in black, grey, white and natural beech. I love the details, but I was told it's not the most stable chair, so those with young kids who can't sit straight more than 30 seconds, be ware.

I'm pretty sure Serena & Lily sell the exact same chair (once available in multiple colors as shown on the cover image) for even a higher price of $198...

LOW //

West Elm offers a set of 2 Windsor chairs made of solid rubberwood in black finish for $199. An elegant and modern play on a classic silhouette.

Threshold's Windsor Chairs Target

Target's home brand, Threshold, has a beautiful set of 2 Windsor chairs in a variety of colors for $180. They are wide and sturdy and hence go well in a large living room or kitchen space. Their sculptural wide base makes them exceptionally comfortable.

Norraryd dining chair IKEA

IKEA's version of Windsor chair costs $75 and is well made out of solid Beech wood. I wish its legs were slimmer for a more refined look, but other than that, what can I say? It's Ikea, and it's a good value for the price.

Couldn't find what you're looking for and still longing for the real good old Windsor Chair? Roam around local yard sales, you might find them there at an unbeatable price.

And if you did find your match, Windsor Chairs will pair beautifully with a traditional wallpaper. Check out my post to see how your gramma's wallpaper is the next big thing.

Until next time, Happy Friday & Happy Holidays. I'll see you next year in 2021!


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