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LOW & HIGH FRI: rise sconce

I'm thrilled to announce a weekly column that will make our Fridays even happier. Every Friday I'll show one expensive item and its affordable version, because what's more satisfying than finding a beautiful piece at affordable price? Buying it, of course. But don't feel pressured though. This is NOT an affiliated post, and I get nothing out of it but the pure joy of spreading beauty in this world!

For this Friday I found a plug in wall sconce in minimal, modern design that will look great in any bedroom, home office or entrance.

HIGH // An ultimate plug in wall lamp by Norman Copenhagen. Sleek metal shade, available in different colors, with natural wooden base and fabric cord. All yours for $150 on HORNE.

LOW // I don't know who or what Rindasr is, but its wall lamp bears a striking resemblance to the Rise Lamp, and you can buy it at a fraction of the cost on Amazon for only $36.

That's it for now, short and sweet. If you have any requests for next week's column please share them in the comments below.

Until next time, happy Friday!


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