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Remember that time when we used to dine in restaurants? Do you remember how grateful you felt when you realized this restaurant you've picked, on top of serving food someone else cooked, also provides kids activities in the form of paper and probably-toxic crayons? Remember the excitement on your kids' faces when they received the mentioned paper and crayons as if they never saw such things? And those blissful 5 minutes you had to gobble up some food, process the past day or year, or maybe even converse with your adult companion in basic keywords before the quiet moments were gone?

Well, this Thanksgiving I'm trying to re-enact those magical moments at home, with an affordable, last minute Thanksgiving decoration idea I'm happy to share with you.

All you need is a paper roll to use as a table runner, and some crayons or pencils. That's it! If you don't have any paper roll, you can use paper sheets as placemats. And if you want to add some seasonal elements you can collect some fallen leaves and branches to spread around your table or use as a center piece.

If you want to buy paper rolls, here are 2 affordable options:

This 2020 version of covid-19-themed Thanksgiving means a lot of us will be celebrating with our immediate family, following the CDC guidelines. Or maybe not, because apparently 47% of Americans are traveling this Thanksgiving, so either the other half is hosting or it obediently stays home alone.

Bottom line, for some Americans it means no friends or grandparents to entertain the kids while they drink themselves into oblivion. But worry not! This original table décor will keep any kid happily busy.

Another great thing about this Scandinavian-style décor? During normal times when you can have friends and family over, your ingenuity will be a great conversation starter, helping your guests to ease up into the evening while also reflecting on what they’re thankful for before digging into dinner. That is if your kids will leave any bare spots to scribble on.

With this humble dinner table decoration as a focal point, no one will even care you didn't have the energy to cook fancy food (or food at all), and they will be grateful for anything you'll serve them. Because it's Thanksgiving after all, and gratefulness is a keyword.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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