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"The exterior shape of the house might be seen as a prototypical house. A sloping roof, a tall chimney and large windows remind one of a child’s drawing." Herzog & de Meuron (1997) on Rudin house.

One of my biggest profound moments as an architecture student (and there were only a hand-full) was when I first laid my eyes on this minimalist house. It was the most beautiful house I have ever seen. Ever since then, each time I see any version of a simple gabled house, it brings me back to that moment, sitting on the floor between the aisles at the library, completely mesmerized to the images.

This post will be all about images. If this blog still exists, let's say 10 years from now, and there are other people reading it besides myself, I will explain that I'm writing these words on my 64th day of shelter-in-place during a Covid-19 pandemic. WOW, can you imagine? The world's is too bleak right now, that Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has decided to hold off on a season 6 for the time being! Now that's a perpetually-relevant fact to relate to in the future.

I, personally, can no longer read beyond 5 words in a row, and images are all I can handle right now. So here goes!


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