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Believe it or not but 2023 is nearly over, which means it's time to start welcoming 2024!

Hopefully this coming year will be full of happy events, and for that we need a beautiful calendar to make planning something to look forward to.

True, we all have our phones and apps and who needs a wall calendar these days. Well, prepare yourself to be converted back to the print medium.

Because of my long love for all that is monochrome and minimal, I've collected here 10 Black and White gems that will function beautifully both as wall calendars and art, suitable for every room.

Let's begin 2024 with style!

#1 Stendig Calendar, from $50

Created by the Italian designer Massimo Vignelli in 1966, the Stendig Calendar is considered a classic piece of modernism, and it is part of the MoMA permanent collection since it was launched.

Think about it, how often can you buy an iconic, timeless piece of art that's presented at the MoMA? Never! Except for this contemporary, affordable piece that also happens to be a calendar. And not only that but when each month is over you can reuse the paper as a unique gift wrap.

Black, white AND green? What more can we ask? The Stending Calendar is #1 on my list (always) for good reasons!

Sold at Crate&Barrel for $50 and US Stendig Calendar for $60.

#2 Vertical Calendar by Nack Studio, $36

Another simple, functional and timeless calendar is the Vertical Calendar designed by Nack Studio, with a minimalist layout that reminds me of the Stendig Calendar, of Course.

#3 Lunar Calendar, $29

You don't have to be a farmer nor a fisherman to follow the celestial phases of the moon. A Schoolhouse exclusive designed by Katheren Belle, this timetable follows the waxing and waning cycles of the moon on a heavy 100% recycled paper and a vegetable-based ink.

#4 Phases Of The Moon Calendar, $19

MoMa offers a horizontal version of the lunar calendar, Phases of the moon Calendar.

#5 Vincon Wall Calendar by Octagon, $56

Black, white AND red is also a go! In 1975 the Vincon design store in Barcelona launched its own iconic calendar, Vincon Wall Calendar. It was designed by America Sanchez with the clear idea to keep only the bare essential and nothing more. It is now produced and sold by Octagon Design.

#6 Kal Set Calendar, $42

This Minimalist Kal Set Calender is composed of folded steel wall hanging bracket and 6 double-sided thick paper sheets. Its modern and clear design meant to bring back an analogue experience of time planning in an always-on mobile culture. Once the year is over you can order a new 6 double-sided refill.

#7 Year Round Calendar by Mo Man Tai, €25

If you are an enthusiastic DIYer then this Year Round washi tape calendar is just for you! Designed by Mo Man Tai, 8 rolls of printed masking tape give you the autonomy to create your own calendar according to your needs and style. It can be a year round calendar, a birthday or a project planner, on a wall or any other surface, the choice is yours.

#8 Twemco Calendar Wall Clock, $249

Have you ever wandered how it feels like to live in the '50s? This cool Twemco Calendar wall clock will give you a stylish taste of it. But unlike in the '50s, you can now easily buy it online on Amazon, Homeloo or Time will Flip.

#9 Twemco Calendar Flip Clock, $199

Same cool '50s vibes, only not on your wall but on your desk. And just like the above, you can find this Twemco Calendar Flip Clock on Amazon, Homeloo or Time Will Flip. For those who look for colors other than black, white or gray (who are you people?) it also comes in vibrant orange.

#10 Formosa Perpetual Calendar, €176

To sum up our 2024 Calendar roundup, here's another iconic piece. Designed by Enzo Mari in 1963 for Danese Milano, the Perpetual Wall Calendar has removeable PVC cards with black or red Helvetica font and black or natural aluminum back plate. Minimalist, classic and eternal, the foundations of a good design.

May we all have a very happy 2024!


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