My personal approach as an Architect and Interior Designer, who has lived most of her adult life in run-down rentals (not so glamorous, I know), is that sometimes a successful design doesn't necessarily involve knocking down walls. True, it would be nice to start fresh, but it's not always possible, whether it's because of a tight budget, not-so-perfect timing or personal preferences. In that case, my E-Design service is the solution for you! We can make a real transformation with minor, yet drastic, changes: a different layout for the room, new (discounted!) furniture, fresh paint, lighting, art and so much more!

So let me share the breakdown of my E-Design process with you.

#1 - Nice To Meet You!

You stumble upon my lovely blog and just know it's true love. You email me, we chit-chat over your preferred method of communication to fully understand your needs and budget, you share some photos of the room that you'd like to transform, and we move on to Phase 2 of our design relationship.

#2 - Unlock Your Personal Style

You are not really sure where to start and how to define your style. Worry not! I've curated a visual questionnaire full of eye candies especially for that! You'll browse through different rooms and grade them according to your liking. Easy & fun.

#3 - Initial Design Concepts

affordable multifunctional living room
An initial design concept I've created

It's true, we've only just met, but I feel like we got to know each other a little. Based on your visual questionnaire's results, our prior conversation and the photos you've shared, you'll receive 2 initial design concepts suited for your style, budget and needs.

#4 - Precision & Detailing

Now it's time to get your measuring tape and send me more detailed information, so I can provide you with a floor plan, showing all furniture pieces fitted in your room.

A detailed floor plan I've drawn
Detailed room design
A final detailed room design I've created

You'll then get a floor plan and a fully detailed room design as shown above, plus a shopping list of all furniture pieces, prices and links included.

#5 -Sharing Is Caring

Lots of big stores give special discounts for designers to use, and because we're now pretty much close friends, I'm happy to share my designer discount with you.

So when do we start our adventure?! It's only a click away.

Contact me here or at elinor@brokendesign.com.